January 2020

The 15th Kisoi Motohiro Award Ceremony


  • “Contributing to rescue engineering. Kisoi Motohito Award recipients: 6 individuals and 3 groups.” (Kobe Shimbun)

  • “A dream of Doraemon intertwined. The award for rescue robot development named after that boy.” (Asahi Shimbun)


  • “‘A robot that supports people, just like Doraemon.’ The 15th Kisoi Motohiro Award ceremony succeeds his wish.” (Kobe University Media Studies, Web Blog)

  • “25 years after the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. Records left by father who’s son died under his collapsed home.” (NHK News Web)

  • “‘Beyond a memorial’ (8) Mr. Kisoi Motohiro, deceased (postgraduate student of natural sciences department at the time).” (Kobe University Media Studies, Web blog)

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