16th (Fri) to 18th (Sun) August 2019

RoboCup Japan Open 2019, Nagaoka

10th (Sat) to 11th (Sun) August 2019

The 19th Rescue Robot Contest 2019

11th (Sat) to 12th (Sun) August 2018

The 18th Rescue Robot Contest

3rd (Thu) to 5th (Sat) May 2018

Robo Cup Japan Open 2018, Ogaki

11th (Fri) to 12th (Sat) of August 2017

17th Rescue Robot contest

27th (Thu) to 30th (Sun) July 2017 9:00 ~ 18:00

Robo Cup 2017 Nagoya

19th (Wed) to 21st (Fri) October 2016

Green Cross Exhibition 2016

16th (Fri) ~ 18th (Sun) September 2016

RoboCup Rescue Robot League Summer Camp 2016

19th (Wed) to 21st (Fri) October 2016

Riscon Tokyo 2016