Kisoi Motohiro Award

This award is named in honor of Motohiro Kisoi who was trapped under the debris of a wooden apartment building and died at the age of 23 in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on 17 Jan. 1995. He was studying intelligent manipulation of robots at Kobe University and dreaming of pursuing his career as a researcher or engineer engaging in robotics that could support people in the future.

To take over his dream, this award would be given young researchers or engineers, generally under 40 years old, marking outstanding achievement in the study and development of the rescue system. IRS launched this awarding project on 17th January 2005, the 10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

We accept candidates annually from the general public. They are examined and judged by a review board of varied specialism. The winners are given the Kisoi Motohiro Award in an award ceremony every year around 17 Jan.

Furthermore, from 2009, we have created a new category for students "the Award for Encouragement" to motivate students who major in or study the rescue robotics.

As of the 2014 fiscal year, we have decided to award the "Medical Achievement" and " Psychology Achievement" award, once every five years.

Call for Application for 2017 Kisoi Motohiro Award

International Rescue System Institute (IRS) is now calling for applicants for the “Kisoi Motohiro Award 2018”. Please see below for details.
We are looking forward to a lot of applicants.

The Report on the Kisoi Motohiro Award Ceremony

The report on the Kisoi Motohiro Ceremony

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The Past Winners of the Kisoi Motohiro Award

Winners of the 15th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2019
【Academic Achievement】 Motoyasu Tanaka, University of Electro-Communications
【Technical Achievement】 Tatsuya Takemori, Kyoto University
【Medical Achievement】 Tatsuhiko Kubo, Hiroshima University
【Psychological Achievement】 Syuuji Noguchi, Kagawa University
【Special Award for Social Contribution】Hajime Asama, Tokyo University
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Infinity” Sota Goto, Takumi Ohbuchi
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Rescue Yaramaika” Shizuoka University Robot Factory
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Noriaki Seto, Fukushima University
Winners of the 14th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2018
【Academic Achievement】 Hiromitsu Fujii, Chiba Institute of Technology
【Special Award for Social Contribution】The Executive Committee of Rescue Robot Contest
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Oira” Yuto Nakajima, Takumi Enomoto
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Ithascreat” Iseaki Tech High School
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Tomoka Yamaguchi, Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences
Winners of the 13th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2017
【Academic Achievement】 Kenji Hashimoto, Waseda University Senior High School
【Special Award for Academic Technical Contribution】Shinichi Yuta, Shibaura Institute of Technology
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Intergrated Circuit” Rio Kanehiro, Eiji Nishizawa, Karen Yato
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Rescue HOTkun” Kinki University Robotics Research Society
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Masahiro Toda, Tohoku University Graduate School
Winners of the 12th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2016
【Academic Achievement】 Tomoaki Yoshida, Chiba Institute of Technology – Future Robotics Technology Centre
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Aster” Sora Kotsuji, Riku Midorikawa
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “MS-R” Kanazawa Institute of Technology – Yume Kobo
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Shinosuke Sakurai, Nagaoka University of Technology
Winners of the 11th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2015
【Academic Achievement】 Tetsushi Kamegawa, Okayama Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Tetsuya Kimura, Nagaoka Univ. of Tech
【Special Award for Academic Technical Contribution】 Shigeo Hirose(Hibot. Corp. Professor emeritus at Tokyo Ins. of Tech)
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “AFG” Soma Kudo, Takeaki Usui, Syuta Koyama
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Daikodai Enjynior” , Osaka Ins. of Tech, MONOLAB. Robot Project
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Tomoya Ichimura, Tohoku Univ.
Winners of the 10th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2014
【Academic Achievement】 Masashi Konyo, Tohoku Univ. Takanori Fukao, Kobe Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Satoshi Okada, Hitachi,Ltd.
【Medical Achievement】 Hisayoshi Kondo (National Hospital Organization Disaster Medical Center,DMAT)
【Psychological Achievement】 Kobun Wakashima, Tohoku Univ.
【Special Achievement Award)】 Toshi Takamori, professor emeritus at the Univ.of Kobe
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Kacho-Fugetsu” Yoshiaki Chikuma, Junichi Sato
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Miyako Kikai Denki”, Osaka Municipal Miyakojima Technical Senior High Scholl
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Masahiro Yoshimoto, Kyoto Univ.
Winners of the 9th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2013
【Academic Achievement】 Tetsuya Kinugasa,Okayama Univ. of Science
【Special Award for Academic and Technological Contribution】 Takanori Shibata (AIST, Tokyo Ins. of Tech, MIT)
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Nobel”, Daichi Ueda, Keisuke Oturu, Daiki Sakai
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Waza Shiko Alpha” Keisuke Ota, Yoshitaka Sawada, Ryuichi Hayase
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Nagakute Borders”, Aichi Ins. of Tech
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Masahiro Kawajiri, Hokkaido univ.
Winners of the 8th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2012
【Academic Achievement】 Kazuyuki Ito, Hosei Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Yuki Iwano, National Ins. of Tech. Akashi college,Japan
【Special Award for Technological Contribution】 Eiji Koyanagi, Chiba Ins. of Tech
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Two Peace”, Mayu Koresawa, Tomohiro Tanaka
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Nadayori Ai wo Komete”, Kobe Municipal High School of Science and Technology Science and Technology Study Group
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Syota Yamamoto, Hokkaido Univ.
Winners of the 7th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2011
【Academic Achievement】 Keiji Nagatani, Tohoku Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Ya-Wen Huang, Tokyo Ins. of Tech
【Special Prize】 Quince development team (Chiba Ins. of Tech, Tohoku Univ. , Kogakuin Univ.)
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Free Walker”, Genki Yukinari, Keita Suzuki
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Kanazawa Ins. of Tech YUMEKOBO MS-R”
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Hitomu Saeki, Kobe Univ.
Winners of the 6th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2010
【Academic Achievement】 Hroaki Nakanishi, Kyoto Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Takeshi Aoki, Chiba Institute of Technology
【Special Award for Technological Contribution】 Adam Jacoff, National Institute of Standards and Technology
【RoboCup Jr. IRS Award】 “Hibiscus”, Iori Yamamura, Hakata Girl’s Jr. High School
【Rescue Robot Contest】 “Jiyu Koubou”, Osaka Electro-Cummunication Univ.
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Genta Kawabata, Hokkaido Univ.
Winners of the 5th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2009
【Academic Achievement】 Kenjiro Tadakuma, Osaka Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Hiroki Shimora, AIST
【Special award for Academic Contribution】 Robin Murphy, Texas A&M Univ.
【Rescue Robot Contest】 Robot Circle “Mechaniker”, Okayama Pref. Univ
【The Study of Rescue Robotics】 Shingo Isayama, Kobe Univ.
Winners of the 4th Kisoi Motohiro Award 2008
【Academic Achievement】 Atsushi Yamashita, Shizuoka Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Tomoharu Doi, Osaka PCT
Winners of the 3rd Kisoi Motohiro Award 2007
【Academic Achievement】 Kazunori Ohno, Tohoku Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Jun-ichi Meguro, Waseda Univ.
【Special Award for Academic Contribution】 Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku Univ.
Winners of the 2nd Kisoi Motohiro Award 2006
【Academic Achievement】 Mitchinori Hatayama, DPRI Kyoto Univ.
【Technical Achievement】 Yasushi Hada, RIKEN
Winners of the 1st Kisoi Motohiro Award 2005
【Academic Achievement】 Hideyuki Tsukagoshi, Tokyo Ins. of Tech.
【Technical Achievement】 Naoji Shiroma, IRS

The Internationalisation of the Kisoi Motohiro Award

As announced at the world-renowned IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)’s IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems), the IEEE IROS Best Paper Award on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics in memory of Motohiro Kisoi has been established as of 2016.

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Best Paper Award on Safety,
Security, and Rescue Robotics in memory of Motohiro Kisoi

Past Winners of the IEEE IROS Best Paper Award
on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics, in memory of Motohiro Kisoi


*In brackets is the affiliation at the time of recieving the award
Winners of the Best Paper Award 2019
【Winners】Xuan Lin*, Jingwen Zhang, Junjie Shen, Gabriel Ikaika Fernandez, Dennis Hong (University of California Los Angeles)
【Winning Paper】Optimization Based Motion Planning for Multi-Limbed Vertical Climbing Robots
【Selection Committee Chairperson】 Fumitoshi Matsuno (Kyoto University)
【Selection Committee】Prof. Paolo Fiorini (University of Verona), Prof. Giuseppe Loianno (New York University), Prof. Jorge Manuel Miranda Dias (Khalifa University), Prof. Sören Schwertfeger (ShanghaiTech University), Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University)
Winners of the Best Paper Award 2018
【Winners】Evan Beachly, Carrick Detweiler, Sebastian Elbaum, Brittany Duncan, Carl Hilderbrandt, Dirac Twidwell (Univ. of Nebraska) and Craig Allen (U.S. Geological Survey)
【Winning Paper】Fire-Aware Planning of Aerial Trajectories and Ignitions
【Selection Committee Chairperson】 Fumitoshi Matsuno (Kyoto University)
【Selection Committee】 Andreas Birk (Jacobs University), Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University), Daniele Nardi (Universita’ di Roma), Richard Volyes (Purdue University)
Winners of the Best Paper Award 2017
【Winners】Kouichi Suzumori, Masashi Takeichi, Gen Endo, and Hiroyuki Nabae (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
【Winning Paper】Development of a 20-m-Long Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body Based on Kinematic Model with Air Resistance
【Selection Committee Chairperson】 Fumitoshi Matsuno (Kyoto University)
【Selection Committee】 Andreas Birk (Jacobs University), Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University), Daniele Nardi (Universita’ di Roma), Masahiko Onosato (Hokkaido University) Richard Voyles (Purdue University)
Winners of the Best Paper Award 2016
【Winners】Shiquan Wang, Hao Jiang and Mark R. Cutkosky (Stanford University)
【Winning Paper】A Palm for a Rock Climbing Robot Based on Dense Arrays of Micro-Spines
【Selection Committee Chairperson】 Fumitoshi Matsuno (Kyoto University)
【Selection Committee】 Hajime Asama (The University of Tokyo), Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University), Richard Volyes (Purdue University), Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University)