RoboFesta Kansai 2001
RoboCup-Rescue Simulation League
Call for Participants

Dates & Place

Rule, Evaluation & Computer Environment

RoboFesta Kansai 2001 RoboCup-Rescue Competition uses the version 0 simulator that is currently available as an open resource in the web page. The rule, evaluation, etc are the same as the RoboCup World Cup 2001. Semi-Final Rule and Evaluation is announced on the web page. The Final Rule is discussed in detail after RoboCup Japan Open 2001. The computer environment will be announced as soon as possible when it is decided. The participants need NOT make their source code open after the competition.

Why You Should Participate?

RoboFesta 2001 is operated by Osaka Prefecture under support of Japan Government. This festival is planned as an Olympic of robot contests. Therefore, it includes various contests, and we can expect a number of audience. Travel support fund is being discussed by the organizer. For international participants, remote participation is welcome.

RoboFesta 2001 RoboCup-Rescue Simulation League uses the same rule as the RoboCup World Cup 2001. In addition to that, RoboFesta 2001 is just before the RoboCup World Cup 2001. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for testing your agents' performance. At the beginning of this new league, it would be really useful to know how the other team agents behave in order to get a high score at the RoboCup World Cup. Note that your agent codes do NOT become open. Security is guaranteed by the organizer. Why don't you participate?

For international participants, remote participation is welcome. Organizers will operate your agents on behalf of you. The results will be notified on the web page with the log file. However, your agents must work without any hack, because organizer staff cannot change your code at all.

Moreover, you will be able to participate in discussion about improving rules, competitions, and research direction. This is important for contributing solution of socially serious problems.

Application of Participation

Send an e-mail including the following information to the secretary (Ms. Chihiro Inamoto; until June 11, 2001.


RoboCup Japan Open 2001 and RoboCup World Cup 2001

Participants of RoboFesta 2001 are welcome to participate in RoboCup Japan Open 2001 and RoboCup World Cup 2001 to test your agents.

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