RoboCup World Cup 2001 Seattle
RoboCup-Rescue Simulation League
Call for Participants


The final schedule and detail are announced here.

Dates & Place

Purpose of RoboCup-Rescue Simulation League in 2001.

The purpose of competitions is to minimize the damage/loss of disaster in the virtual disaster field of RoboCup-Rescue.

Detail of the international cooperative research forum, RoboCup-Rescue Project is written in the official web pages and research papers. All the competitions are held to evaluate the research results in public.

In the 2001 simulation competitions (Simulation League) including RoboCup World Cup 2001, the RoboCup-Rescue official version 0 simulator is used. The version 0 simulator is available as an open resource on the web page.  Participants develop autonomous intelligent agent software. Good intelligent behavior of emergency response save many victims, quickly extinguish fires, and efficiently open the blocked streets. The loss of simulation results is evaluated to decide the winner.

As for RoboCup-Rescue Robot League, you should visit its own web page following links from the RoboCup-Rescue official web page.

Rule, Evaluation & Computer Environment in detail

Semi-final rule and evaluations is written in the web page.  The final is determined in detail in May 15, 2001 after the RoboCup Japan Open 2001 reflexting its result. The computer environment will be announced as soon as possible when it is decided.

Your participation in the discussion is welcome.  Input your opinion to the mailing list according to the information on the web page

The participants must make their source code open after the competition.

Application of Participation

Send an e-mail including the following information to the secretary (Ms. Chihiro Inamoto; until April 20, 2001.

Important Dates

RoboCup Japan Open 2001 and RoboCup World Cup 2001 as Test Match

Participants of RoboCup World Cup 2001 are welcome to participate in RoboCup Japan Open 2001 (April, 2001) and RoboFesta Kansai 2001 (July, 2001) to test your agents.

RoboFesta 2001 is operated by Osaka Prefecture under support of Japan Government. This festival is planned as an Olympic of robot contests. Therefore, it includes various contests, and we can expect a number of audience. Travel support fund is being discussed by the organizer. For international participants, remote participation is welcome.

RoboCup Japan Open 2001 and RoboFesta Kansai 2001 RoboCup-Rescue Simulation League use the same rule as the RoboCup World Cup 2001. In addition to that, RoboFesta 2001 is just before the RoboCup World Cup 2001. Therefore, they are the best opportunity for testing your agents' performance. At the beginning of this new league, it would be really useful to know how the other team agents behave in order to get a high score at the RoboCup World Cup. Note that your agent codes do NOT become open in RoboFesta Kansai 2001 because it is just before the RoboCup World Cup. Security is guaranteed by the organizer. Why don't you participate?

For international participants to RoboCup Japan Open 2001 and RoboFesta Kansai 2001, remote participation is welcome. Organizers will operate your agents on behalf of you. The results will be notified on the web page with the log file. However, your agents must work without any hack, because organizer staff cannot change your code at all.

Moreover, you will be able to participate in discussion about improving rules, competitions, and research direction. This is important for contributing solution of socially serious problems.

RoboCup International Symposium 2001 (August, 2001 in Seattle, USA)

RoboCup International Symposium calls for papers in the RoboCup-Rescue domain.  Research and investigation concerning rescue simulation and robots are welcome.  For the detail, please refer to the call for papers.

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