Second International Workshop on
Synthetic Simulation and Robotics to Mitigate Earthquake Disaster
(SRMED 2004)

June 28th and July 3rd, 2004
Lisbon Industry Fair (FIL), Lisbon, Portugal



The goal of the Workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers aiming at the design and implementation of simulation and robotic systems to support search and rescue operations after catastrophic events in urban environments, in particular in post-earthquake scenarios.


Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
- Integration of robotic agents in the simulator
- Rescue simulator extensions
- Test field and metric for rescue robotics
- Rescue robots design
- Evaluation methodology for rescue systems
- Autonomy in rescue robots
- Future development of competitions and standards
- Experiences with rescue projects


Monday, June 28

10:00am-12:00noon Poster Display

Display posters in the competition field area specified on site.  Participants are requested to read all the posters to prepare the discussion in the afternoon.

13:00pm-13:10pm Opening

13:10pm-14:50pm Oral Session

13:10 Problem domain of Japan National Project (DDT Project) on rescue robotics
Satoshi Tadokoro
13:20 Common format for information-sharing in advanced rescue systems
Itsuki Noda
13:30 Autonomous distributed rescue robot system
Par Johansson, Jon Ronnols, jakob Carlstrom
13:40 Map building in planar and non-planar environments
Giorgio Grisetti, Luca Iocchi
13:50 Topics on the control mechanisms for a large-scale earthquake disaster mitigation simulation system
Ikuo Takeuchi, Tetsuhiko Koto, Itsuki Noda, Yoshitaka Kuwata, Hiroki Shimora, Tomoichi Takahashi
14:00 Agent management architecture for a large-scale earthquake disaster mitigation simulation system
Tetsuhiko Koto, Ikuo Takeuchi, Itsuki Noda, nobuhiro Ito, Hiroki Shimora, Takuya Morisita, Ken'ichi Honji, Tomoichi Takahashi, Yoshitaka Kuwata
14:10 Preliminary study - using RoboCupRescue simulations for disasters prevention
Tomoichi Takahashi, Yohei Kaneda, Nobuhiro Ito
14:20 Experiments with the RoboCup Rescue Simulator in a post Earthquake emergency Italian Scenario
A. Biagetti, A. Farinelli, L. Iocchi, D. Nardi, F. Patrizi
14:30 An implementation of rescue agents with genetic algorithm
Masayuki Ohta
14:40 The next step for RoboCupRescue
Adam Jacoff
14:50 Unreal rescue robot league
Stefano Carpin
15:00 Q&A and General Discussion

15:30pm-17:00pm Panel Discussion (1)

Theme 1: Integration of simulation and robots for disaster mitigation
Theme 2: Standardization of rescue robots as open platforms

Saturday, July 3

19:00pm-21:00pm Panel Discussion (2)

Theme 3: Future international collaboration in rescue systems


Accepted authors should prepare a poster.  Display the poster in the competition field area as specified on site.  The poster format is free.

All the authors make short presentation (10 minutes including short Q&A) in the oral session.  PC projector will be prepared for the presentation.  Discussion for all the papers will be done at the Q&A and General Discussion.


Authors are requested to prepare the final paper in IEEE Conference Format as this example, and  to distribute 40 copies of the paper at the oral session.  PDF file for the web proceedings should be submitted to Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro by CD-ROM or USB memory at the workshop.  Web proceedings will be available right after the workshop.


May 30, 2004 Deadline of paper submission (full paper or short paper)
June 10, 2004 Notification of acceptance
June 28, 2004 Workshop (poster and panel), Deadline of final paper
July 3, 2004 Workshop (panel)


Daniele Nardi (U. Roma)
Satoshi Tadokoro (Kobe U.)
Tomoichi Takahashi (Meijo U.)
Adam Jacoff (NIST)
Luca Iocchi (U. Roma)
Ikuo Takeuchi (U. Electro-Communications)