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[SR] 2004 Announcement of 2004 leagues has been linked from the above buttons.

[S] Feb. 7, 2003  Developpers manual of agents of simulation is written by Morimoto.  Visit the web page.

[SR] January, 2003  Call for Teams of 2003 Rescue Simulation League and 2003 Rescue Robot League has been started.  Visit the corresponding pages and RoboCup 2003 web page for information in detail.

[SR] January, 2003  Call for teams for 2003 Japan Open has been started.  Visit the corresponding pages from the above buttons, and Japan Open 2003 page for information in detail.

Here is a record of old news.

What is RoboCupRescue?

Disaster rescue is one of the most serious social issue which involves very large numbers of heterogeneous agents in the hostile environment. The intention of the RoboCupRescue project is to promote research and development in this socially significant domain at various levels involving multi-agent team work coordination, physical robotic agents for search and rescue, information infrastructures, personal digital assistants, a standard simulator and decision support systems, evaluation benchmarks for rescue strategies and robotic systems that are all integrated into a comprehensive systems in future.
Built upon the success of RoboCup Soccer project, we will provide forums of technical discussions and competitive evaluations for researchers and practitioners.
Two projects and leagues, Simulation Project, Robotics and Infrastructure Project, Simulation League and Robot League, are concurrently proceeding at present. Integration of these activities creates digitally-empowered international rescue brigades in the future.

RoboCupRescue Simulation Project

RoboCupRescue Simulation Project is a new practical domain of RoboCup. Its main purpose is to provide emergency decision support by integration of disaster information, prediction, planning, and human interface.
A generic urban disaster simulation environment is constructed on network computers. Heterogeneous intelligent agents such as fire fighters, commanders, victims, volunteers, etc. conduct search and rescue activities in this virtual disaster world. Real-world interfaces such as helicopter image synchronizes the virtuality and the reality by sensing data. Mission-critical human interfaces such as PDA support disaster managers, disaster relief brigades, residents and volunteers to decide their action to minimize the disaster damage.
This problem introduces researchers advanced and interdisciplinary research themes. As AI/robotics research, for example, behavior strategy (e.g. multi-agent planning, realtime/anytime planning, heterogeneity of agents, robust planning, mixed-initiative planning) is a challenging problem. For disaster researchers, RoboCupRescue works as a standard basis in order to develop practical comprehensive simulators adding necessary disaster modules.
RoboCupRescue Simulation Project is an open resource of research results. Various people worldwide participate in this simulator for research, entertainment, training, or education via the Internet. A diverse spectrum of possibilities of this technology will contribute to the creation of the safer social system in the future.

RoboCupRescue Simulation League

RoboCupRescue Simulation League as a competition is an international evaluation conference for RoboCupRescue Simulation Project research.
The first competition is held in 2001 Seattle RoboCup World Cup. In this year, the version 0 simulator of RoboCupRescue Simulation Project will be used. Rule, evaluation, award, etc. is being discussed, and will be announced on January, 2001 for call for participants. The detail is announced on the RoboCupRescue web page and on the mailing list. The participation is open to everyone worldwide as the other RoboCup competitions.

RoboCupRescue Robot League

Physical Rescue Robot Contest starts in 2001. In this year, the AAAI USAR standard destroyed building is used for the arena. The detail will be announced in the web page.

RoboCupRescue Robotics & Infrastructure Project

RoboCupRescue Robotics and Infrastructure Project is planned to launch. It studies future standard of robotic infrastructure including robots, intelligent town, etc. for human welfare. RoboCupRescue Robot League is a test bed of the technology developed in this project.

RoboCup World Cup 2001 (August, 2001 in Seattle, USA)

RoboCupRescue Simulation League and RoboCupRescue Robot League will start at the RoboCup World Cup 2001 in Seattle. The detail will be announced in the web page. The program codes of participating agents should be open after the competition.

RoboCup International Symposium 2001 (August, 2001 in Seattle, USA)

RoboCup International Symposium calls for papers in the RoboCupRescue domain.  Research and investigation concerning rescue simulation and robots are welcome.

RoboFesta Kansai 2001 (July, 2001 in Osaka, Japan)

Preliminary competition for the RoboCup World Cup 2001 will be held in Osaka as a part of RoboFesta Kansai 2001. Participants are welcome to test their agent behaviors in the real simulation environment as a competition just the same as the RoboCup World Cup 2001. This festival is internationally open to everyone who would like to check their performance beforehand. The secret of participants' program code is guaranteed by the organizer.

RoboCup Japan Open 2001 (April 28-30, 2001 in Fukuoka, Japan)

The first competition of RoboCupRescue will be held in Japan Open 2001. This is internationally open although this is a domestic competition in Japan. The rule, etc. will be basically the same as the RoboCup World Cup 2001, but the World Cup should include small improvement according to the result of the Japan Open. The program codes of participating agents should be open after the competition. The detail will be announced on the web page.