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Report of the 6th Kisoi Motohiro Award Presenting Ceremony

We, International Rescue System Institute held the 6th Kisoi Motohiro Award Presenting Ceremony on 14th January 2011 in Kobe.

The winner of the academic achievement is Dr. Hiroaki Nakanishi who is a lecture of Kyoto University. And the winner of the technological achievement is Dr. Takeshi Aoki who is an associate professor of Chiba Institute of Technology.
Dr. Nakanishi won the award for his efforts, "Development of Autonomuos Unmanned Helicopter and Study on Disaster Prevention and Activities of Disaster by using the helicopter". Dr. Aoki won the award for his efforts, "Development of combinations possible unit type air pressure pillar".
And we also honored Dr. Adam Jacoff, Robotics Researcher at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with the special award (Technological Contribution) for a great deal to contribute on improving the technical level of international rescue robot system by research and development of standardized test methods of rescue robot,.

(PHOTO: Winners and Selection Committee Members)

Dr.Nakanishi and Dr. Aoki were given the commendation certificate,extra prize JPY300,000. And they were memorial trophy given by the members of the selection committee. The trophies were produced by the Art Grass Club who have sympathy for this award.
And Dr. Jacoff was given the commendation certificate, extra prize JPY50,000, and a memorial plate.
And also, three winners of the award for encouragement were introduced.
Winners of academic and technological achievement, special prize (Technological Contribution) deliverd lectures about subjects of their study or development.

(PHOTO:  Left : Lecuture by Award Winners Right : Dr.Jacoff)

All winners received generous applause from attendance with celebration and expection.

The Program of The Ceremony(J)(PDF)
The Introduction of the Winners(J)(PDF)
The Introduction of Trophy Designer(J)(PDF)

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