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IRS has been entrusted with some Research and Development projects and promoted them with its industry-academic-government-civilian network.

JST: Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program(ImPACT) "Tough Robotics Challenge" (TRC) (2014-2018)

NEDO: The International R&D and Demonstration Project in Environment and Medical Device Sector / the International R&D and Demonstration Project on Robotics Field / the R&D on Disaster Response Robot (USA) (2014-2015)

METI: Infrastructure Development Project for Decomissioning of Nuclear Reactors etc. for Power Generation and Safety Technologies (2013-2014)

NEDO: the Investigation of the Standardization of Special Environment Robots (SERs) and the Promotion of International Collaboration (2013)

JSPC: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research <KAKENHI> (B) (2013-2015)

NEDO: Research Project on Standardization, Safety Standards and Consolidation of Competitiveness of Special Environment Robots and Systems (2012)

JST: Strategic International Research Cooporative Program (J-RAPID) (2011, 2011-2012)

JST: Strategic International Research Cooporative Program (2009-2011)

 FDMA: Technology for Fire-fighting and Disaster-prevention Research Advancement System (2006-2011)

 NEDO: Project for Strategic Development of Advanced Robotics Elemental Technologies (2006-2010)

 NEDO: Development Project for a Common Basis of Next-generation Robots (2007-2009)

 METI: Emerging Regional Consortium for Research and Development (2006-2007)

 MEXT: Special Project for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Urban Areas Advanced Disaster Management System (2002-2006)


 Kobe Robot Technology (RT) Project

Kobe City: "Depopulating Society × Monozukuri Technology" Inovation Promotion Program (2015)

 Certificate Course for Safety Engineers of Service Robots

 Urban Regeneration Project

IRS is also promoting a prize-giving program "Kisoi Motohiro Award".
This award honors young researchers or engineers under 40 years old for outstanding contribution to development of rescue system and aims to encourage their research and development activities.
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IRS has been involved with research and development of the rescue robots and systems. You could see some images of them.
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